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Hi, I'm Denton. Nice to meet you. :D I love arts and crafts, especially knitting and crochet. Follow me to see all of my yarn craft projects.

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About Me- to read about who I am personally.

My Ravelry- my ravelry page where you can find free and for sale crochet and knitting patterns

I had a great time at KnitWits today in Boise, Idaho. The women there were welcoming, sweet and funny. I loved it. Here’s their shop. :D

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    aaannnnd now I am totally planning a trip to Idaho.
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    Can I live there, kbyethx.
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    Oh gosh. Craving new yarn.
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    There’s a KnitWits in Virginia Beach, about 30 minutes away from me, and I love it! But it’s much, much smaller than...
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